Hard to Replace a Familiar Face

Mrs. Zakrzewski Set to Retire


Erielle Amboy

Mrs. Suzanne Zakrzewski, AHS Secretary

Erielle Amboy, Photo Journalist

After 15 years serving as the secretary to the assistant principal of Abington High School, Mrs. Suzanne Zakrzewski, known affectionately as Mrs. Z. to students and staff, will be retiring this June.

Mrs. Z. said that she will most miss “seeing and interacting with the students everyday.  Also the staff I work with is like family to me and [I] will miss them very much.”

Both Mrs. Z. and Mrs. Kelliher, the secretary to the principal, started their careers in the old high school. Regarding the new school, Mrs. Z. said that “I love my office, which is like our own suite, and is very bright.”  Unlike the main office in the old building, which was on the second floor and somewhat hidden out of the way of the main doors, the new space is right at the entrance and overlooks the cafeterias.

…the staff I work with is like family to me…”

— Mrs. Z.

When asked about the main office in the new building, Mrs. Z. said she loves to see the classes and students working in the Green Wave Cafe. It is “so awesome so see the students enjoying this fabulous kitchen.”

Although Mrs. Z. said it will be “so hard for me to leave this beautiful building,” some of the things she hopes to do in retirement are “to spend more time at my summer home on the Cape. And travel with my husband, which we love to do. And enjoy my grandchildren.” As an avid runner, she also is excited that she will have more time for it.

Students will miss hearing her address them by name when they arrive late: “Come sign the book. It’s first period. Where are you going?” Wherever Mrs. Z. goes after AHS, we wish her all the best in retirement!