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Sea Life

Aidan Fisher

A Vacation Get Away

Myrtle Beach Has a Lot to Offer

May 15, 2018

Myrtle Beach, located in South Carolina, is a hot vacation spot for any who seek the heat of Florida and the culture of the South. The temperatures can range from seventy to ninety degrees on a good day. A vacation to this sunny destination makes a great getaway from New England’s cold weather.

                                                      The Boardwalk

Aidan Fisher
The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is like the Derby Street Shoppes but along a beach. There you can find many shops such as Kirk’s 1980 Ice Cream Parlor which serves over one hundred different ice cream flavors. Also, I Love Sugar, where you can find giant gummy bears the size of a desk!

After shopping, lunch at Moe Moons is a great choice. For information on the Boardwalk, one can visit





Broadway on the Beach

Aidan Fisher
Restaurant on Broadway

Broadway on the Beach is also like Derby Street Shoppes, but it has a giant lake in the middle of it. In the lake you can take a speedboat ride, jump around in plastic blow up tubes, or even just feed the fish for a quarter. All activities have small booths you can visit on the boardwalks.

The weather on an April morning can be little chilly, but it warms up as the time gets closer to noon. For dinner consider Chucks, a steak house with no appeal on the outside, but southern hospitality inside. It shines through the workers and the decoration. The barbeque chicken breast is delicious and tasty. To look at the menu for Chuck’s Steak House, go to

There are also many beaches to get a nice tan. Or, on a cloudy day, Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Golf is a place to play mini golf and get a nice workout, since you have to climb a mountain the more the course progresses. One can look into Mt. Atlanticus Minotuar Golf Course at

Ripley’s Aquarium

At Ripley’s Aquarium you can take a glass boat adventure. The entire bottom of the boat is glass, which looks into the biggest tank. There you can see a saw tooth shark, which is currently endangered. The trip goes over the tunnel with a moving floor to help you walk through the entire thing, and you can see everything in the giant tank. The sea turtle there is seventy years old! You can also pet stingrays. which is like at New England Aquarium, except before petting the sting rays you climb a tower that revolves around their massive tank. There is also a jellyfish portion of the aquarium where you can actually pet jellyfish! They actually feel like jelly! Hours, prices, addresses, and any other useful information can be found at

These are some things to do in Myrtle Beach for any who wants to experience better weather than Massachusetts will ever have, or if anyone wants to pet a jellyfish!

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