The high school side of the new Abington school building. (Jim Dorman)
The high school side of the new Abington school building.

Jim Dorman

Out With the Old and In With the New

Excitement Builds for the New Abington School

May 24, 2017

As we near the end of the current school year, many students and faculty members are realizing that this will also be the last year for the building we have always known as Abington High School. While the old school will come to an end, students and staff are very excited for the upcoming school year and the new middle/high school. Moving to this new school will be a thrilling experience that not many people get to have. We spoke with Cameron Curney ’20, Chris Jean ’19, Mario DiMascio ’18 to learn their thoughts on moving into the new school. 

Are you excited to move into a new high school?

Curney: Definitely! Mainly because the new school will be filled with new technology to help aid our learning experience.

Jean: Yes, I am very excited. It will be a fun and intriguing year going into the new high school.

DiMascio: Yes I am. Who wouldn’t be? It is a major upgrade from what we currently have and will be a great opportunity for many students to use its modern technology. 

I think the new school will have a lot of terrific advantages for learning in a technology-rich age. It will be a great experience.”

— Cameron Curney (President of the Class of 2020)

What do you think about the school being more unified, as in including younger students. (Grades 5-12 and pre-kindergarten)

Curney: I don’t really know right now. I feel like it would be pretty interesting for the younger kids being able to look up to the older kids and get a small glimpse on how it is to be a high schooler.

Jean: It will probably help them because they will be able to witness what it is like to be a more mature student and how high school works.

DiMascio: It sounds like a good concept to me. Nothing can go wrong with it. I think they could only benefit from seeing the grades above them. 

Do you think it will take long for you to get used to the new school?

Curney: No, I do not think it will. This is mainly because I was once new to this school and had an easy time adjusting. I feel like it will be similar.

Jean: No, I do not think it will take me very long. After a few days I will remember where most of my classes are taking place.

DiMascio: No, I think I will be able to quickly adjust to the new school. It cannot take too long to memorize where you go for each class.

Do you like the look of the new school?

Curney: Yeah I do. It looks like it will use a lot of natural light due to the amount of windows. And, from the pictures I have seen, the interior looks very interesting.

Jean: I think it looks nice. It has a clean look to it, and I have also heard it is more environmentally friendly than our school right now, which is nice.

DiMascio: The look is very nice. The colors look well together, and it seems well structured. I can’t wait to use the building.

What do you think the biggest change will be in moving to a brand new school?

Curney: A lot of things, from what I have heard, seem to be computer-based. This will be a major change since we still use lots of books and CDs.

Jean: Probably seeing the current school being torn down and not there anymore. It will make it feel like a different place.

DiMascio: It will probably be seeing kids around the site of the school that are in grades under grade nine. That is not something I have experienced in high school.

Will you miss the old school?

Curney: Probably not. I have not had a lot of time to be attached to it, and I am really looking forward to the new school.

Jean: No, I do not think I will, mainly because the new high school will be much better and more enjoyable to be in.

DiMascio: No, I won’t. The teachers, classes and sports will all be the same, except for the fact we will be in a new and improved building.

What do you think about all of the new technology the new school will have?

Curney: Overall, I think the new school will have a lot of terrific advantages for learning in a technology-rich age. It will be a great experience.

Jean: It will be awesome. It will improve our learning experience a lot because in today’s world, most kids are used to modern technology.

DiMascio: It is a great thing. Not only will it help learning, but we have new and improved courts and fields to benefit the sports teams.

Like Curney, Jean and DiMascio, many people are very excited for the high school. After all, it is brand new, with all new technology. I am personally very excited for the move as well. I am not too sure whether people will miss the old school. The people I spoke with did not seem to care, but I have liked my year in this building and might miss it a little. However, I would much rather be in the new school, and hopefully it will end up being a wonderful experience for everyone going into the new school.

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