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Advice from Eighth Graders

December 11, 2014

Lizzy Venuti

Middle school can be a difficult time, especially during your first year at a new school.

Schoolwork and Homework

We’ve asked eighth graders if they had some advice for seventh grade students involving schoolwork and homework. Brianna McCadden says “I advise everyone to be happy and positive. Never give up on what you’re doing.” Charlotte Ciampa said she advises everyone to stay focused. “Stay organized and study” advises Makayla Zulon. “DO NOT blow it off until the last minute. It’s annoying, but you’re better off in the end” advises Fraser Toomey. Nicole Marella says “You need to respect your teachers and try your best.” “Don’t scream because teachers hate that; I have experience” says Jordyn Needle.

I advise everyone to be happy and positive. Never give up on what you’re doing.”

— Brianna McCadden


Lockers are a big problem in Middle School for most kids. Nicole Marella advises students to “always lock your locker and keep them organized.” Jordyn says to lock your locker because “you don’t want to get things stolen.” “Don’t leave them open” according to Makayla Zulon. Fraser says “it may seem hard, but you’re better off leaving it locked.” Charlotte Ciampa says “Don’t try opening a locker that’s not yours; it ends badly!” Brianna tells people “If you’re leaving your locker open, don’t leave your valuables in it.”

Switching Classes

When it comes to switching classes eighth graders have all the information. Most students advise you to be on time. “In the words of Mr. Claus, ‘take the path of least distraction.’ Now in my own words… move quickly as not to disturb anyone… get to class on time,” says Fraser Toomey. “If you think it’s hard switching, try it for another week; It’ll get easier,” says Charlotte Ciampa. “If you still struggle, talk to the guidance counselor.” “Sometimes you’ll have to go from one floor to another but it’s not that hard,” says Makayla Zulon. Brianna says, “Always be prepared.”

Joining Clubs and Groups

When asked if they had any advice for seventh graders about joining groups or clubs, students’ responses seemed to vary. “Join them,” says Jordyn Needle,”it’s a good way to make new friends and Mrs. P and Mr. Regs are like gods.” “Join peer leaders (in eighth grade.) Be a role model for your fellow students and help people,” says Charlotte. Brianna McCadden says, “The teachers who run the clubs are amazing; they have a big effect on you.” “As a peer leader and student council member, I can happily say that joining clubs gives you a sense of community,” says Fraser. Nicole Marella says, “It’s a good way to socialize.”


There’s no doubt that middle school will definitely take some adjusting. This advice should  make your years run smoother at the Frolio.

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