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Unsung Hero: Lisa Pinto

A friendly face around the school

Lisa Pinto '18

Lisa Pinto, personal photo used with permission

Lisa Pinto '18

Giovan Soares, Copy Editor

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For this issue of Unsung hero, we here at the Green Wave Gazette chose none other than Lisa Pinto, a common, friendly face around the school.

I am aware that you are a member of the National Honor Society, has it been a previous aspiration of yours to join NHS?

Yes, I like what NHS does and how it helps people through volunteering. I was going to try out for NHS last year but didn’t have the time. I also like how it (NHS) gives an opportunity for people to show leadership qualities and character.

What clubs are you in and how long have you been a part of them?

I’m currently in NHS, the ABC club and I was in volleyball. I’ve played softball for three years and I probably will again this year.

How do you act as a role model for students at this school?

I try to make the school comfortable for others. I try to make jokes to lighten the mood. I look to make everyone feel welcome in environments that are new. I was new freshman year and know how it feels to not fit in. I try to be funny and give advice whenever I can and play a big sister role.

I try to be funny and give advice whenever I can and play a big sister role.”

— Lisa Pinto

How many languages can you speak?

I fluently speak English and Portuguese Creole, and I can understand Portuguese, but I cannot speak it as well. I am also pretty good at Spanish.

How have you been involved with the ELL students and program, and what impact has being a Language Buddy had on you?

I joined this year when the opportunity arose. I thought that it was a good way to help students who aren’t used to the culture. I’m bilingual and not all of my family is from here. Since I understand the language I thought that I could help and make and impact. It opened my eyes to their culture and how hard it is to immerse themselves in a new environment. It gave me a new way of looking at high school and how everyone is different and the differences between cultures and I think that this will affect my future and me as a person.

What colleges have you applied to and what do you plan to major in?

I’ve applied to Emmanuel College, MCPHS, western New England University and UMass Amherst. I plan to major in pre-optometry or go into a pre-med program

Do you have anything that you would like to say to the students that look up to you and admire you?

Thank you for looking up to me because I feel like we help each other instead of my helping them. We all help each other to grow and I hope that we can all become inspirations for others. They help me be a better person. I take inspiration from others and I did not know that I could be such a role-model to others.

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Unsung Hero: Lisa Pinto