How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

Some history of the holiday


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Earliest References

Some believe that Valentine’s Day began as a Roman festival called Lupercalia to honor Juno, the queen of Roman gods and goddesses. Juno was the Roman goddess of women and marriage.

According to, for the festival of Juno, a goat was sacrificed by men. After, women would be whipped and tapped with the bloody animal skins because “they believed that it would make them fertile.”

Other legends say that the roots of Valentine’s day began with Emperor Claudius. He began a rule that couples were no longer allowed to marry in Rome because he believed that men weren’t joining the army because of their families.

On the website, it says that a Roman priest, named Valentine, married couples secretly and therefore was hanged on February 14th. He wrote a love letter to the jailer’s daughter which he signed “From your Valentine” before he was executed. Perhaps his signature is how the Valentine custom began.

One more recent change is that it is not only humans who receive gifts for Valentine’s Day.”

— Leah Kinniburgh


Thankfully, the Valentine’s Day celebrations have transformed for the better since Ancient times.

Although girls no longer have a bloody goat skin smacked on them on February 14, Valentine’s Day is still a holiday associated with love. And teddy bears, hearts, chocolate, flowers, gifts, cards, cupid, love birds, dates and marriage proposals. says that “more than 35 million boxes of chocolate are sold and over one billion dollars is spent in the United States alone.” For presents, mostly men buy flowers, such as roses, on Valentine’s Day and “an estimated 110 million roses are expected to be sold this year.” In the United States, “about 145 million Valentines are sent each year.”

How do you feel about Valentines Day?

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One more recent change is that it is not only humans who receive gifts for Valentine’s Day. Many pet owners purchase a gift for their pet as well.

Because the holiday is set aside for lovers, if one is single it can make them feel depressed, insecure and lonely. So although most people enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day, according to, “there are still 40% feel negatively about it.”

So if you feel lonely on February 14, perhaps adopt a pet and eat lots of chocolate, as both are sure to soothe your soul! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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