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Lessons Learned on High School Playing Fields

Carry into adulthood for AHS Alums

February 25, 2017

Brittany Ezzell and classmate Zach Littman were voted Most Athletic by their classmates.

Brittany Ezzell and classmate Zach Littman were voted Most Athletic by their classmates.

(AHS 2011 Yearbook)

(AHS 2011 Yearbook)

Brittany Ezzell and classmate Zach Littman were voted Most Athletic by their classmates.

Sports are an advantage that students are eligible to take part in while they are in high school. Many participate for the experience, and because of their love for the sport. However, they might not realize now, the impact playing sports could have on their futures.

Students create unbreakable friendships and stories for their personal history books while partaking in high school sports. Joseph LaPointe, Jr. ’03 was a star member of the boys’ varsity soccer team throughout his high school career. He easily recalls what it was like and how much it meant to him. “Soccer was my life. I will never forget the memories I made with my teammates throughout my four years at Abington High School,” said Lapointe.

AHS Yearbook Photo
Joseph LaPointe, Jr. ’03

While some retire from their favorite activities once high school is over, others will carry the sport with them throughout their life, whether by participating, judging or officiating, or as in LaPointe’s case, coaching.

“It was too hard for me to give it up. So, I pursued (soccer) through coaching.” Now, coaching the Abington Girls Youth Soccer team is a major part of his life. Playing soccer in high school helped him become a coach. He is so thankful he discovered and grew his love for the sport. “I hope to one day get the opportunity to coach my daughter (with wife Kaitlin Ingemi LaPointe ’05 who was also a student athlete) in soccer, and I have AHS to thank if I ever do,” said LaPointe.

Brittany Ezzell ’11 (my older sister) played varsity basketball and softball all four years at AHS. Ezzell was captain of her teams, and like LaPointe, she took valuable lessons away from playing high school sports. “As captain of the softball and basketball teams I learned how to think for the team, and to have everyone’s best interests at heart, not just my own,” said Ezzell.

Emmalee Ezzell ’20

She also thinks participating in sports taught her to deal with all types of people and their individual personalities, a skill that is helpful in many parts of life. But, most importantly, Ezzell says she learned that hard work pays off.

As for myself, I am only a freshman at AHS, but so far, I have taken part in both the fall and winter varsity cheerleading teams. And, although I still have three more years ahead of me, I have already made memories and developed a love for the sport that will undoubtedly last me a lifetime.

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