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Señora Flaherty

Teacher Spotlight

Maddie Caferro


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Welcome to the Teacher Spotlight section!

This column is all about getting to know

your teachers better. This time, we interviewed

Señora Flaherty! She gave us a lot of

really funny stories! We hope you enjoy

 them as much as we did.


Her Past

How did you become interested in Spanish?

“I went to Disney when I was really young and I thought it was really cool how everyone spoke different languages,” she said. After that, she pretended to speak Spanish to her parents! She took Latin in middle school and Spanish in high school. Finally, she didn’t have to pretend anymore.

What was your favorite thing about studying in Spain?

She enjoyed the beach and college feel from the dorms, but nothing beat weekend travels. She had fun with day trips to Barcelona and Paris. It was easy to just hop on a train or bus!

Did you play sports in high school and/or college?

She was team captain on her high school soccer team. She also played basketball and ran track for a short period of time. But one year, instead of basketball, she decided to try cheerleading. “That’s how I met my husband,” she said- he was on the basketball team.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

“I kind of always wanted to be a teacher,” she said. “I used to teach my sister when she was little.” But Señora Flaherty also went through a time where she wanted to be “a private investigator or a police officer.” She took and passed a course on it, but decided on teaching instead.

What was your favorite subject in middle school (besides Latin)?

“English,” she said, “because the teacher (Ms. Cummings) was very prim and proper.”




“I read a book a week,” she said. But if she had to pick just one, it would be “Firefly Lane” by Kristin Hannah.


“I have songs that mean things to me.” One of these songs is “The Greatest American Hero theme song. I learned this song in sixth grade,” she said. When she went to England, she sang this song to make one of the queen’s guards laugh- and she succeeded!


Her top two are “Legally Blonde” and “The Fault in Our Stars,” which she thought was even “better than the book!”

Pizza Topping?

She usually just likes cheese, but sometimes she gets grilled chicken and peppers.


Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving- “I like all the holidays.”

Ice Cream Place?



Please rate these from 1-10, the higher the better

 The Fault in Our Stars?


The Patriots?





“I was very embarrassed by my performance last year in the student-faculty game.”



Dunkin Donuts?

7. “I don’t like coffee,” she said- but she still enjoys other things from the bakery.


Thank you Señora Flaherty!

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