Come Perform at Open Mic Night!

Abington Students Invited to Showcase Their Talents


Ms. Pflaumer, newspaper advisor

Students and Faculty perform at Open Mic Night in February of 2018. Entertainment included music, poetry reading, and readings from plays.

Molly McLaughlin, Contributor

Open Mic Night is overseen by Mr. Regalbuto, an English teacher at the Abington Middle School. Open Mic is usually held twice each year. It is a show that welcomes students to perform on stage in the co-located Abington Middle-High School auditorium. The next open mic night is Wednesday, May 8, which is also the day of the Arts Festival. There is an overlap time when both the events are happening, as the Arts Festival ends at 7:30 PM, and open mic night begins at 6:00 PM and ends at 9:00 PM.

The event is a venue for students and staff to showcase their creative side–we have musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, etc.”

— Mr. Regalbuto

In an interview, Mr. Regalbuto, the organizer of the open mic nights, said that, “The event is a venue for students and staff to showcase their creative side. We have musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, etc.” He described the event as “a welcoming and entertaining atmosphere wherein students can share their talents.”

When asked when the first open mic night in this school was, Mr. Regalbuto answered, “Well, I got the idea from Dr. Gonsalves who had been sponsoring open mic night [at the high school] for over 10 years. The first one at the middle school was in 2012.” When asked what kind of performances are seen most often in open mic nights, Mr. Regalbuto answered, “Mostly we get musicians, but we have had acting, dance, and comedy.”

Currently, more performers are needed for the May 8 event. If you are interested in performing, please contact Mr. Regalbuto at [email protected] to sign up. Each time slot is four minutes long. Open Mic is great to show an audience what talent you have!

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