Independent Study: The Dyer Memorial Library

Learn More About the History of Old Abington

Mrs. Eileen Walls, Dyer Memorial Library, with permission
Dyer Memorial Library n Abington, Massachusetts under the Snow i

Cam Curney, Managing Editor


Are you a current 11th grader at Abington High School who likes project based independent learning? Are you interested in history, journalism, technology, research, digital photography, marketing or library science?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Dyer Library’s Independent Study Program, available through Abington High School, may fulfill some of your interest.

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The internship is an excellent opportunity for hands-on, real-world experiences.”

— Mrs. Eileen Walls

According to Mrs. Eileen Walls, Assistant Librarian and Director of Education at the Dyer Memorial Library and one of the project supervisors of the Independent Study, “Projects will be designed with the student’s interests in mind.” Walls said, “We have lots of photographs and artifacts that need to be digitally photographed and organized. We have tons of research information that could be used for an exhibit, a research paper, a cable show and newspaper articles. Or, we can just offer a student the opportunity to work in a research and historical library setting.”

While working on their independent project, “Students will gain valuable research skills, learn important facts not only about Old Abington, but also Massachusetts and the U.S., gain real-world work experience for their resume, put their people skills to work, enhance their self-esteem, and improve the world a bit.”

Mrs. Walls  encourages students who enjoy project-based, independent work to apply. “The internship is an excellent opportunity for hands-on, real-world experiences. The skills that will be cultivated will vary based on interest and necessity, but will generally fall under communication, research, writing, organizing, and technology.”

If interested in gaining real world experience through historical research, the independent study with the Dyer Memorial Library and Archives would be an excellent opportunity to exercise that interest. See your guidance counselor for further information about this 2.5 semester long course.

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